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allPHA by colorFabb

A new innovative fully PHA based product is about to be launched soon: allPHA 3D printing filament by colorFabb! This material was developed exclusively for colorFabb by Helian Polymers for the 3D printing market and will be the first of its kind which is commercially available.

Spools and print, Frauenkirche Dresden design by vandragon_de

Like PHAradox, colorFabb started as a brand of Helian Polymers. colorFabb has been an independent company for nearly seven years now and a leading innovative producer of 3D printing filaments. But we still work closely together. We developed a new PHA material for colorFabb and they have announced their latest innovative 3D printing filament last week: allPHA - the first commercially available fully PHA based filament.

Launch date is scheduled for June 1st, but you can place your order already in colorFabb's webshop.

allPHA is available for pre-ordering now!

Prints of coral. PHA is biodegradable in salt and fresh water.

As a first for colorFabb the allPHA filament (pronounced "alpha") will be available on a cardboard spool to highlight the sustainable nature of the filament. As with all our PHA developments, allPHA is:

    • 100% biobased
    • 100% biodegradable
    • contains no microplastics

Armed with this exciting new material, users can quickly and easily experiment and discover how this unique material will contribute to their sustainable goals.

colorFabb and sustainability

The allPHA filament is a first of many developments to be made by colorFabb and Helian Polymers, giving a new dimension to the synergy between our companies. From new stocked filaments to custom products -- all will be possible.

This post is the first of several blogs which will be published together with colorFabb in which we delve further into the Why, the What and the How of allPHA 3D printing filament.

A DIY example for your garden. Pictured: no risk of microplastics

We develop biobased materials for applications. Need to know more? Contact us.

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  • Custom PHA developments
  • Member of GO!PHA
  • Available from 10kg or 25kg
  • Worldwide shipping with DHL

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