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Our corporate social responsibility

Just running a company, keeping your customers happy and making a profit is not enough anymore. And it shouldn't. Globalization has brought us many opportunities business-wise, but it also brings responsibilities that simply do not start and stop at our doorstep. 

Our ambitious goals to develop biobased and biodegradable materials for a wide range of applications need to be met with a corporate social responsibility policy which matches that aspiration. 

Click on the link below to find our fully revised policy, reflecting how we approach our our responsibilities.

Read the full policy here

The short CSR version

Too long? We have summarized the essentials for you below. We acknowledge that to achieve long-term sustainable social responsibility we will need to work with suppliers, employees, partners and always be customer-centric. We are working to optimize our impact, reevaluate our priorities and ensure that we are viewing our core business strategy through the lens of social responsibility. Helian Polymers and its brands (e.g. PHAradox) are in scope of this CSR Policy.

1. Respect the environment

Our core business is to develop biobased and biodegradable materials so the environment is not only on our mind, it is the base of our company. But it's not only the materials we make, it's also:
- the solar panels powering our company
- the switch to electric company cars
- a near paperless office
- reduce and recycle waste

We think we all can live healthier lives, save money and respect the limits of the planet. Objective is to obtain DIN EN ISO14001 (Standards Environmental Management) and ISO50001 (Standards Energy Management) in all our companies.


2 Role in the society

We're all in this together and in this day and age we have to take responsibility as a globally active company. We take that role in society as a whole seriously.

Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of those in need with a long-term impact.

3. Our company values

We've been giving this a lot ouf thought, but one can define our company values as follows:
- We're eager to learn
- We're passionate
- We're brave

Our team is driven by curiosity, their passion to help customers, make PHA based developments a reality and their aim to be ahead of the market and take chances.

Our values empower us to face up to and overcome the challenges of today. They are at the heart of our corporate culture and how we do business every day.

480 solar panels on our roof, the most visible aspect of our environmental efforts

4. Customer relations

Our customer relations are defined by respect, honesty and safety. When it comes to our daily communications or the regulatory work we provide, our customers can be assured to honest and accurate information. We are now, have been and will be a customer-centric company.

We will ensure that our customer requirements are met and that we are prepared for upcoming market trends. We will adapt and follow all applicable laws. We will monitor and take actions to stay at least one step ahead.


5. Responsible employer

Our team members are our most valuable assets. Helian Polymers strives to promote a culture where protection of human capital is built in our DNA. Our focus is on the fight against discrimination & harassment, ensuring that employee wellbeing and satisfaction is according to the highest standards and that we comply with healthy and safety compliances.


6. Fair business practices

We shall conduct our business in an ethical and fair manner and operate in full compliance with international, national and local laws and regulations.

We will ensure that we will promote social responsibility in the value chain, upstream and downstream. We ask all our employees to act responsible and fair in any business contact, partnership and transaction.


7. CSR governance

Our CSR policy is not merely a static document, but all these words are part of our day-to-day life at Helian Polymers. Twice a year the entire policy is revised and adjusted where needed.

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