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PHAradox: Why and how we can help

Functional use of a product lasts for a calculated amount of time. This can be days or decades and anything in between. For plastic products it does not end there, whether we like it or not. Despite all its benefits (low costs, durability, versatility, etc.) plastic products have a limited amount of end-of-life options. Recycling is one, but only applies to 9% of all plastic waste. The rest is either burned or ends up in landfills or in rivers, seas and oceans. And plastic consumption is only on the rise.

Biobased plastics offer more sustainable end-of-life options, like compostability. But making the step from traditional plastics can be a daunting one for all stakeholders involved: brand owners, designers, converters and even governments in need to amend legislation. With an every growing demand for environmental action from governments, consumers and society as a whole the need for sustainable material solutions is overwhelming. Aside from global supply challenges for such materials there is still a lingering question for many parties involved: Where to start?

Enter PHAradox, our new brand of PHA based material developments. With PHAradox we at Helian Polymers position ourselves between the raw material suppliers and converters. With our nearly fifteen years of experience in biopolymers we are uniquely suited to transform its industry and material knowledge into effective application development and help customers to go from idea to product and make the transition from traditional plastics to PHA based solutions.

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From nature to product

Our first step, when launching PHAradox this summer, was to establish partnerships with leading material producers like Tianan Biologic (China) and CJ BIO (South Korea) amongst others. With access to their products (various PHA family members) we are able to utilize these natural building blocks and create unique formulations designed to mimic properties of, say, PP and ABS. By copying, or at least approaching, the properties and thus the functionality of these materials the transition is easier to make and to communicate with converters and customers alike.

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Almost 2 years of R&D lab-scale compounding, combining various PHA grades like P3HB / PHBV / PHBHx and P3HB4HB including various fillers, has resulted in dozens of potentially commercial grades with a wide variety of characteristics. By working closely with our customers we create shared value with our unique and custom-made PHA based formulations. Both innovative startups and existing brands, looking for replacement materials, have found their way to us to discuss ideas and let them evolve to sustainable business cases. There are currently more than ten projects in active testing phases, varying from horticulture to leisure sportswear and from food packaging to tool casings.

The Maxado tool case injection moulding test at GL Plastics (Son, The Netherlands) with custom made PHA based PHAradox formulation by Helian Polymers. Used with permission.

Operating from the south of the Netherlands, near the German border, we have our own in-house compounding pilot line, testing and warehousing facilities (entirely powered by solar energy, to keep in line with our environmentally conscious philosophy). Keeping everything under one roof ensures flexibility and fast turnaround when it comes to development of new biobased and biodegradable materials.

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